Skintimate Appeal


  • 4 Brazilian bundle✨
    Want to book your Brazilians ahead of time to stay on schedule?? Book the Brazilian bundle and save $20
  • Back Facial✨
    Enjoy a relaxing back facial that helps with backne, dryness! It includes Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, masque, tone, moisturize
  • Basic Dermaplane✨
    Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” Basic Dermaplaning Facial includes: •Double Cleanse • Deep Exfoliation (use of dermaplane blade) •Toner •Moisturizer+ SPF 30
  • Beard Treatment *add on✨
    Beard treatment add on service only
  • Bikini Wax✨
    Get yourself ready for the beach with a Bikini Wax! Removal of hair only at bikini line!
  • Brazilian Bestie✨
    Brazilian for 2! Save $5 each when you and a friend come together for a Brazilian wax
  • Brazilian Wax✨
    Full Brazilian wax. Hair removal of all vaginal hair and in between cheeks.
  • Buttocks Wax✨
    Full Waxing of both buttocks
  • Cheek Wax✨
    Waxing of face cheeks
  • Chest Wax
  • Chin + Lip Combo✨
    Waxing of the chin + lip
  • Chin Wax✨
    Waxing of chin area ( No Beard)
  • Chin+Lip+Cheek Wax✨
    Waxing of chin, lip, and cheek
  • Chin+Lip+Cheek+Beard Wax✨
    Waxing of chin, lip, cheek and beard area
  • Extractions Only✨
    Removal of ingrown hairs or proper pimple removal
  • Eye Brow Wax✨
    Eyebrow wax
  • Full Arm Wax✨
    Arm wax from shoulder to wrist
  • Full Back Wax✨
    Back Hair removal
  • Full Belly Wax ✨
  • Full Body Wax✨
  • Full Leg Wax✨
    Hair removal thigh to ankle (Front & back)
  • Full Service Dermaplane✨
    Full Service Dermaplane Includes •Double Cleanse •Deep Exfoliation (Use of dermaplane blade) •Extractions •Hydrojelly Mask •Toner •Moisturizer+ SPF
  • Georgia Peach✨
    Suffering from dark spots and acne prone to your buttocks? Try a buttocks facial! Includes: •Double cleanse •Exfoliation •Extractions •Jelly Mask •Moisturizer
  • Half Arm Wax✨
    Waxing from elbow to wrist
  • Half Leg Wax✨
    Leg wax from knee to ankle (front & back)
  • Jelly Mask✨ *add on
    Don’t have time for a signature facial? Or not interested in the upper body/ facial massage but want to still try the jelly mask? Add jelly mask to your express facial
  • Kiddie Facial✨
    Kiddie facials are for my little ones looking to have a spa day! Ages 12 and under! Let’s help introduce them to skin care regimens! Includes •Double Cleanse •exfoliation •Mask •Toner •Moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Lip Wax✨
    Waxing of lip
  • Lower Back Wax ✨
    Lower back wax near your buttocks ONLY!!
  • Men Chest Wax✨
    Removal of hair on chest and stomach area
  • Mommy & Me✨
    Perfect for Mommy’s to be! Facial for your baby bump! (Little to no steam, we do not want to cause overheating) Double cleanse, exfoliation, hydro jelly mask, moisturizer
  • My Buddy & Me Facial✨
    Enjoy a relaxing Signature facial for 2! Includes: •double cleanse •exfoliation •extractions •facial and shoulder massage •toner •moisturizer+spf
  • Pamper Party ✨
    Looking to have a spa party? Or maybe you’re looking to pamper your wedding party. Pamper party includes express facials for 5, if there is more we can discuss pricing. If looking to do a house call we can discuss location and pricing as well
  • Pressed For Time Facial✨
    Express facial specific for clients skincare needs Double cleanse, exfoliation, masque (NO JELLY MASK) tone and moisturize/spf
  • Pretty Kitty✨
    Brazilian wax & vajacial service Includes waxing of vaginal area, double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, jelly mask, moisturizer.
  • Signature Facial✨
    Full service facial specific to clients skincare needs including double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, massage of face and upper shoulders/ décolleté, masque (optional jelly mask) tone, moisturize, spf
  • Stomach Strip
    Hair removal stomach near belly button
  • Teen Facial✨
    Teen Facial is perfect for my teenagers in puberty stage! Let’s help introduce your teen to skincare to keep their skin healthy! For my teens ages 13-17 Includes •Double Cleanse •Exfoliation •Extractions •Mask •Toner •Moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Underarm Wax✨
    Arm pit hair removal
  • Upper Back Wax✨
    Hair removal of upper back only
  • Vajacial✨
    A facial for your vagina✨ Cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, jelly mask, moisturizer
  • Inner Thigh Wax✨
    Don’t have time for a full leg wax, or full thigh was? No problem, Wax for inner thighs